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Meatable to Bring Cultivated Pork to Singapore

Meatable announced a partnership with ESCO Aster, the world’s only licensed cultivated meat manufacturer. This partnership will enable the two companies to produce cultivated pork products including sausage and dumplings to select restaurants in Singapore in 2024. This marks Netherlands-based Meatable’s first international expansion. ESCO Aster was founded in Singapore in 2017 and was approved to produce cultivated meat in 2020 to support the country’s initiative to increase local food production and improve sustainability.

Earlier this year Meatable revealed images of its pork sausages that can be developed in a few weeks without FBS growth serum. The company aims to have its products in supermarkets by 2025.

Cultivated meat has regulatory approval in Singapore which is home to several novel food facilities including those operated by Shiok Meats, Eat Just's GOOD Meat, and Umami Meats. Other companies have announced plans to seek regulatory approval of their cultivated meat products in the country including Vow and Bluu Seafood. While Singapore is the only country where cultivated meat has regulatory approval, many countries have taken steps towards this goal including Japan, the UK, Israel, the Netherlands, and China.

Two men are using chopsticks to hold dumplings filled with cultivated pork.

Image Credit: Meatable

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