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Vow to Launch Cultivated Meat Products in Singapore This Year

Australian cultivated meat company Vow has just opened the largest cultivated meat facility in the Southern Hemisphere ahead of its launch in Singapore set for later this year. This new facility can produce up to 30 tonnes of cultivated meat each year. The company also announced the development of a second factory is already underway. This new facility will be competed in 2024 and will be 100x bigger than this recently completed facility. Vow cultivates kangaroo, water buffalo, and alpaca among other meat products.

“With a technology like cultured meat we won’t need to think in terms of what we already consume. Instead, we can start with first principles: what protein would we choose if we could eat anything?” - George Peppou, Vow co-founder.

The image shows a plate of cultivated beef with vegetables. The beef is cut into a thick, juicy steak and is accompanied by a variety of roasted vegetables, including carrots, broccoli, and potatoes.

Image Credit: Vow

Read more on: AgFunderNews


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