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Partnership to Bring World’s First Cultivated Wagyu Beef to Europe

U.S. based cultivated meat pioneer Orbillion Bio has partnered with Netherlands-based Luiten Food to bring the world's first cultivated wagyu beef to more than 35 countries across Europe by 2025. Luiten Food is a key company in international trade of premium meat, vegetarian, and vegan products and a member of Thomas Foods International Group, Australia’s largest family owned red meat processor and distributor. This partnership will establish a clear path for Orbillion Bio’s cultivated wagyu beef, making it accessible through more than 1,200 distribution channels in Luiten Food’s network.

“Together, we’ll go beyond a scientific concept, to a tangible, delicious, and enjoyable meat that is more humane to animals, kinder to the planet, and has a more desirable and consistent nutrition profile.” - Orbillion CEO Patricia Bubner.

The Netherlands recently announced the world’s largest public investment in cellular agriculture and its House of Representatives passed a motion to legalize public tastings of cultivated meat in the country.

“We’ve been successful for more than 84 years because we’ve focused on what’s ahead. And now, that’s sustainable meat. That’s high quality meat. That’s cell-cultured meat.” - Lennert Luiten, Managing Director of Luiten Food.

A photo of a cultivated meat hamburger sitting on a wooden table. The hamburger has a juicy beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Image Credit: Orbillion Bio

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