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Netherlands Announces World's Largest Public Investment in Cellular Agriculture

The Dutch government has pledged €60 million to develop an “ecosystem” around cellular agriculture. This pledge is the largest-ever public investment in cellular agriculture and the first step in a potential €252-382 million to promote education, scientific research, public access scaling up facilities, social integration, and innovation of cultivated meat and materials in the country. This plan was proposed by Cellular Agriculture Netherlands, a consortium of entrepreneurs, scientists, pioneers, foodies, and cultivated meat companies including Meatable and Leonardo DiCaprio-backed Mosa Meat. The country passed a motion to legalize public tastings of cultivated meat earlier this year.

A collage of images of meat and dairy products on a cutting board. The meat products include raw beef patties, raw pork chops, raw chicken breasts, and raw lamb chops. The dairy products include cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, and a carton of milk.

Image Credit: Cellular Agriculture Netherlands


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