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Mosa Meat Announces World’s Largest Cultivated Meat Campus

Netherlands-based Mosa Meat has announced plans to expand its facilities to house industrial-size production lines and enable the production of larger quantities of beef. This new facility is a few minutes away from the company’s pilot facility in Maastricht and will bring the company’s total square footage to over 77,000. Mosa Meat employs 160 individuals with more than 80 scientists and the largest number of PhDs in the industry.

“This makes us the largest cultivated meat campus in the world, and provides a solid foundation for our European and global commercialisation plans.” - Mosa Meat CEO Maarten Bosch.

Mosa Meat is a member of cultivated meat consortiums including Cellular Agriculture Europe and Cellular Agriculture Netherlands and has applauded recent steps by the Dutch government towards legalizing the sale of cultivated meat in the country. The Leonardo DiCaprio-backed company produced the world’s first cultivated meat hamburger in 2013.

A large, modern building with the Mosa Meat logo prominently displayed on the facade.

Image Credit: Mosa Meat

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