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Upcoming Events is a proud supporter of some of the leading summits and conferences in the industry.

  • Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation Europe
    Tue, Jul 11
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    This 2nd annual summit focuses on optimizing strain development and upstream and downstream processing to engineer commercially viable and truly sustainable alternative protein ingredients and products. It also explores the commercial and regulatory journeys of companies like Unilever and ENOUGH.
  • Industrializing Cultivated Meat & Seafood Summit
    Tue, Jul 25
    Revolutionizing the Bioreactor, Culture Media & Cell-Line Scale-Up, to Develop Cultivated Meat and Seafood that is Affordable and Accessible Globally
  • The Future of Protein Production LIVE
    Wed, Oct 11
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    The senior executive-level conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this complex issue with world-leading experts. Discover a wide range of solutions that will have a positive impact through abolishing animal cruelty, reducing global pollution and improving human health.
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Past Events - 2023

  • Fifteenth International Conference on Climate Change: Impacts & Responses
    Thu, Apr 20
    Responding to the Climate Emergency: Scalable Solutions for the Climate-Nature Intersect
  • Future Food-Tech Innovation and Investment from Farm to Fork
    Thu, Mar 16
    San Francisco
    This two-day summit has become the annual meeting place for the global food-tech ecosystem. Food brands, active investors, start-ups and technology leaders come together to exchange insights, be inspired, and identify future partners.
  • The Future of Protein Production Summit
    Tue, Feb 21
    This three-day summit is the must-attend virtual event for any company involved in making the global food system more sustainable, kind and fair for the planet, people, and animals. Stay up-to-date with the most recent solutions, technology, policy, and concepts across the food system.
  • Meat Evolution Summit 2023
    Wed, Feb 15
    The Annual Meat Evolution Summit (MEVO) is a leaders summit that exclusively brings in-person decision makers from manufacturers, commercial producers, investors, and more in the cultivated meat industry who want to increase their knowledge and foothold in this lucrative growth market.
  • Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit
    Tue, Jan 31
    San Francisco
    This three-day summit is the only industry-led forum uniting the entire biomass and precision fermentation ecosystem. Hosting 150+ key decision-makers in the industry, this summit will help you scale-up and successfully commercialize fermentation-enabled alternative protein with speed to market.


  • Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Summit Europe
    Mon, Jun 27
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    This summit looks at the start-to-finish process of Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Proteins and the creation of high-quality and animal-free proteins to scale, with an emphasis on all industry actors involved in the product timeline.
  • Food Innovation & Investment Summit
    Wed, May 18
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    This summit is set to examine the macro trends impacting the food market before diving into the three most exciting areas of innovation: Alternative Proteins, Personalized Nutrition & Gut Health, and Functional Ingredients & Biotech.
  • 2022 Reducetarian Summit
    Thu, May 12
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    This 4th-annual summit is a three-day event that will bring together over 700 participants from various industries. The agenda includes cultivated meat discussions like "How to Produce, Scale, and Market Meat, Eggs, and Dairy from Animal Cells" and "How to Invest in The Future of Food."
  • The Future of Protein Production Summit
    Tue, Mar 08
    This online conference presents an unbiased opportunity to explore and discuss this highly complex issue with world-leading experts and showcase a wide range of solutions that will have a positive impact through abolishing animal cruelty, reducing global pollution, and improving human health.
  • Fermentation-Enabled Alternative Protein Innovation
    Tue, Jan 18
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    This summit will host decision-makers from biotech, food tech, multinationals, independent food brands and more for those looking to up-scale and commercialize fermentation-enabled alternative proteins.


  • The Alternative Protein & Foodtech Show Singapore
    Wed, Aug 25
    The Alternative Protein & FoodTech Show is the first of its kind union of founders, investors, innovators, scientists, farmers, and consumer brand leaders, designed to demystify the potential of alternative proteins in building a sustainable future of food for generations to come.
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