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UK Study to Explore if Cultivated Meat is a Threat or Opportunity for Farmers

UK’s Royal Agricultural University is bringing together farmers, public interest groups, cultivated meat companies, environmental scientists, and others to investigate the environmental and health impacts of cultivated meat as well as the threats and opportunities they pose for farmers.

“While farmers and cultured meat businesses are seen as rivals, could they help to feed the world sustainably by working together?” - Illtud Dunsford, CEO of Cellular Agriculture Ltd, a farmer and a partner on the project.

This project is currently hiring and has been funded by UK Research as part of its Transforming UK Food Systems Strategic Priorities Fund Programme. This study comes months after an update to UK’s Novel Food Regulations that could pave the way for regulatory approval of cultivated meat in the country.

A photo of the UK Royal Agricultural University

Image Credit: Royal Agricultural University


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