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MeaTech 3D to Join Umami Meats on Cultivated Seafood

Israel-based cultivated meat tech company MeaTech 3D announced plans to join Umami Meats to develop 3D printed seafood. Umami Meats is a Singapore-based cultivated seafood startup that has received investments from CULT Food Science, Sustainable Food Ventures, and others. This collaboration will add seafood to MeaTech 3D’s portfolio of beef, chicken, and pork and offer opportunities in the Asian market and Singapore, the only country where cultivated meat has regulatory approval. MeaTech 3D is the world’s first publicly traded cultivated meat producer and recently announced plans to build a +21K sq ft pilot plant in Belgium for its subsidiary Peace of Meat.

“This partnership will enable us to build upon our technology platform for cultivating fish muscle and fat to produce a variety of structured products that meet the desires of discerning consumers. We believe cultivated seafood holds tremendous potential to provide a local, sustainable source of healthy protein and to address many of the challenges facing our food system and our oceans." - Mihir Pershad, CEO & Founder, Umami Meats.

A close up of a plate with slices of cultivated eel and sesame seeds.

Image Credit: Umami Meats


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