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Introducing The World’s First Cultivated Meat Textbook

The Cellular Agriculture Society has announced the world’s first textbook on cultivated meat, “Modern Meat: The Next Generation of Meat From Cells.” This textbook was a collaborative effort of over 100 authors including some of’s own advisors Hanna Tuomisto PhD, Neta Lavon PhD, and Ka Yi Ling PhD, and research analyst Chris Bryant PhD. Other contributors include nonprofit organizations like the Good Food Institute and cultivated meat companies including UPSIDE Foods, Eat Just, Aleph Farms, Shiok Meats, Wildtype, Meatable, Vow, Mosa Meat, SuperMeat, New Age Meats, and Mzansi Meat Co. “Modern Meat” consists of 19 chapters across 5 topics: Context, Impact (Humanity, Animals, Environment), Science (Cells, Media, Bioprocess, Automation, Scaffolding, Outlook), Society (Consumers, Youth, Regulation, Space), and World.

The Cellular Agriculture Society is an international, independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded to advance the understanding of cellular agriculture.

A photograph of a book titled "Modern Meat," the world's first cultivated meat textbook. It is authored by Kris Spiros, a prominent figure in the realm of cultivated meat.

Image Credit: Cellular Agriculture Society


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