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Singapore Approves GOOD Meat's Serum-Free Media

The Singapore Food Agency has given a first-in-the-world regulatory approval of GOOD Meat’s use of serum-free media for the production of cultivated meat. This technical and regulatory milestone will lead to greater scalability, lower manufacturing costs, and a more sustainable product.

Not too long ago, observers thought removing serum was a major limiting step to scaling cultivated meat. I could not be prouder of our team for doing just that and receiving approval to commercialize it this week. It's yet another step forward for our company, the cultivated meat industry, and the health of our planet.” - Josh Tetrick, Co-Founder and CEO of GOOD Meat parent company Eat Just, Inc.

GOOD Meat is the only cultivated meat producer in the world with the ability to sell to consumers following regulatory approval of its first chicken product. Its cultivated chicken is available in Singapore at fine dining restaurants, hawker stalls, food deliveries, and soon Huber’s Butchery, one of the country’s premier producers and suppliers of high-quality meat products.

The company is currently building a production facility in Singapore that is set to open in 2023 and will have the capacity to make tens of thousands of pounds of cultivated meat. GOOD Meat is also building ten of the world’s largest cultivated meat bioreactors in the United States.

A photo of two cultivated meat factory workers on site.

Image Credit: GOOD Meat

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