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Israeli Chief Rabbi Releases Positive Statement on Cultivated Meat

Chief Yisrael Meir Lau visited Israeli start-up Aleph Farms to observe the beef cultivation process resulting in the release of an 11-page statement outlining the use of this technology in producing Kosher cultivated meat products. Lau speaks optimistically on the observed production method and its potential to meet Kosher standards, "as long as cultured meat is defined and marketed as a vegetable product [that is] similar to meat, and there is supervision over the rest of its ingredients." This prominent figure's opinion leaves the industry hopeful that cultivated meat will be officially cleared by a Kosher-certifying organization as the public demand continues to grow.

A woman sits at the table, savoring a glass of white wine along with a plate of cultivated meat accompanied by vegetables.

Image Credit: Steakholder Foods

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