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Vow Applies for Australian Approval of Cultivated Quail

Vow has applied for approval of its cultivated quail from the Food Standards Australian New Zealand. If approved, this application would amend the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code to allow Vow’s cultivated quail to be used as an ingredient in food. The company intends to market its product to be served in high-quality dishes in restaurants.

The Australian company contends that its cultivated quail is similar in composition to conventional quail, and is a stable cell line that does not produce any toxins, anti-nutrients, or allergens. It is also developed without the use of any animal-derived additives and antibiotics.

Vow is a member of the Tufts University Center for Cellular Agriculture Consortium and cultivates other types of meat including kangaroo, water buffalo, and alpaca. The company is currently seeking regulatory approval in Singapore.

This application follows the FDA's green light of UPSIDE's cultivated chicken.

A picture of two people working in the lab to create cultivated quail.

Image Credit: Vow


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