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Tufts University Establishes Cellular Agriculture Consortium to Develop Future Foods

The Tufts University Center for Cellular Agriculture (TUCCA) has announced the creation of the TUCCA Consortium to support research in the future of food. This consortium brings together industry and nonprofit members to share knowledge and methods to minimize environmental impacts, evaluating the economic and environmental cost of production, and more. The consortium’s founding members are BioFeyn, Cargill, CellX, the Good Food Institute, MilliporeSigma, ThermoFisher Scientific, TurtleTree, UPSIDE Foods, and Vow.

“We welcome new applicants that wish to join. Joining us at the table will enable a company or organization with an interest in cellular agriculture to provide input on the projects to be funded by the consortium, and early access to the technology and knowledge that comes out of those projects.” - David Kaplan, Stern Family Professor of Engineering at Tufts and director of the TUCCA.

Other consortiums exist to support cultivated meat including Cellular Agriculture Netherlands and the “world’s largest” cultivated meat consortium approved by the Israel Innovation Authority that is made up of members including Aleph Farms, SuperMeat, BioBetter, Tel Aviv University and Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

Laboratory assistant working in a laboratory to develop the future foods.

Image Credit: Tufts University

Read more on: Tufts Now


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