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Cultivated Meat Company Raises $10M for Tobacco Technology

Israel-based BioBetter has raised $10 million in Round A funding with investments from Jerusalem Venture Partners, the Israeli Innovation Authority, and others. Earlier this year the company announced this landmark botanical breakthrough that could significantly reduce the cost of cultivated meat and allow for a rapid ramp up to large-scale production. With this new funding, BioBetter expects to expand to a larger pilot plant in Tel Hai Industrial Park, increasing its capacity and ability to meet demand and allowing it to go commercial in 2024.

BioBetter is a member of the Israeli Cultivated Meat Consortium, the world’s largest of its kind, which recently received an $18 million investment from the Israeli Innovation Authority.

 A close-up of a tobacco plant, showing its broad, slightly hairy leaves and its small, yellow flowers.

Image Credit: Elements Envato

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