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Aleph Farms Applies for First Regulatory Approval in Europe

Israel-based Aleph Farms has submitted an application for regulatory approval of its cultivated beef steaks to the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO). This application comes in collaboration with Migos, Switzerland’s largest food enterprise. According to research conducted jointly by the companies, 74% of Swiss consumers are open to trying cultivated meat and are motivated by curiosity and its benefits for the environment and animals.

In its first-ever impact report, Aleph Farms highlights some of the many benefits of cultivated meat, including those to the environment, society, economy, and health and nutrition. For the report, the company contributed their data and insights with 18 other cultivated meat companies to an industry-level study by CE Delft and found that when cultivated beef is scaled with renewable energy, there is a 66% reduction in water use, 92% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, 94% reduction in pollution, and 90% reduction in land use as compared to conventional beef production.

“Food systems affect everyone, and it will take a coordinated effort between regulators, innovators, and incumbents to ensure food security in a way that helps humanity live within its planetary boundaries…We look forward to working closely with Switzerland’s Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office to enable access to both high-quality nutrition and world-changing innovation.” - Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO of Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms and Migros will continue to develop a go-to-market strategy that involves the distribution and commercialization of Aleph Cuts through fine-dining food service channels in Switzerland. The Leonardo DiCaprio-backed food tech company also plans to launch Aleph Cuts in Singapore and Israel in limited quantities later this year, pending regulatory approvals.

Aleph Farms has signed several Memorandums of Understanding to bring cultivated meat to other countries, including Thailand, South Korea, Japan with the Mitsubishi corporation, and Brazil with BRF, the world’s fifth largest meat producer. The company also recently announced a partnership with Enzymit to reduce the cost of cultivated meat production.

A woman has a bite of a grilled cultivated beef on a skewer

Image Credit: Aleph Farms

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