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Aleph Farms Partnership to Reduce Cultivated Meat Production Costs

A partnership between Aleph Farms and Enzymit, a bioproduction platform company developing enzymatic manufacturing technology, has successfully developed insulin substituents that can reduce costs and shorten the time-to-market for producing cultivated meat at scale.

One of the most prohibitive expenses in scaling up cultivated meat production is developing non-animal-derived serum protein mimetics that promote and support cell growth. Such proteins are not widely available in the current market at the quantity, quality, and cost necessary for large-scale production. This latest development can fulfill the function of proteins found naturally in animals while requiring notably fewer downstream purification and maturation processes.

"Developing more suitable processing aids for the production of cultivated meat is imperative for driving economies of scale and taking cultivated meat mainstream. This innovation, combining Enzymit's outstanding protein design and experimental capabilities with our team's expertise in cellular agriculture, is helping to build the foundations for our sector to achieve cost-efficiency and long-term impact." - Neta Lavon, PhD, CTO of Aleph Farms.

"Aleph Farms has been an invaluable partner for this initiative, which can pave the way for more cost-efficient production of cultivated meat. With recombinant proteins currently accounting for the overwhelming majority of cell culture costs, creating highly stable and more active insulin substituents can markedly reduce the cost of growth media and increase efficiency in producing cultivated meat at scale." - Gideon Lapidoth, PhD, CEO of Enzymit

Aleph Farms is a member of the Israel Innovation Authority, the world’s largest consortium of its kind. The company recently announced another strategic partnership to reduce production costs by entering a long-term supply agreement with Thermo Fisher Scientific to produce growth media.

A cultivated beef skewer being grilled on a grill with vegetables and mushrooms on a wooden table.

Image Credit: Aleph Farms

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