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Steakholder Foods First to 3D Print Cultivated Fish Fillet

Israeli food tech company Steakeholder Foods has 3D printed the world’s first ready-to-eat cultivated fish filet. This new grouper filet comes as part of a recent partnership to combine Steakholder Foods’ proprietary 3D bio-printing technology and customized bio-inks with Singapore-based Umami Meats' signature seafood cells. The partnership, backed by a $1 million grant from the Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, is also excepted to produce 3D-printed eel meat.

We are delighted to have produced the world’s first whole fillet cultivated fish in partnership with Steakholder Foods. In this first tasting, we showcased a cultivated product that flakes, tastes, and melts in your mouth exactly like excellent fish should. In the coming months, we intend to announce our plans for bringing this world-class cultivated fish to the market.” - Mihir Pershad, Umami Meats CEO.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu became the first Prime Minister to taste cultivated fish when he toured Steakholder Foods last month.

Today, we ate fish that was produced without fish and meat that was produced without cattle. This is a global revolution.” - Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister.

A plate of food with a fork holding a piece of cultivated fish fillet in a tomato sauce. The fish fillet is white and has a smooth texture. The tomato sauce is red and has a rich flavor.

Image Credit: Steakholder Foods / Shlomi Arbiv

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