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Umami Meats Partnership to 3D Print Eel and Grouper

Israel-based Steakholder Foods is 3D printing structured eel and grouper with Umami Meats, a company based in Singapore, the only country with regulatory approval of cultivated meat. The process, backed by a $1 million grant from the Singapore Israel Industrial R&D Foundation, will use Steakholder Foods' bio-printing technology and Umami Meats' signature seafood cells to replicate the traditional flaky texture of fish. The first grouper prototype is expected to be ready by the first quarter of this year.

"In the end, you’ll see a (fish) product that will be exactly the same, exactly the same. Not almost the same. Exactly the same." - Arik Kaufman, CEO, Steakholder Foods.

Steakholders’ industrial-scale 3D printers can produce a steak in less than half a minute. The company recently closed its public offering at $6.5 million shares and has signaled its intention to expand to the United States, potentially through commercialized printers.

 A 3D printer for Eel and Grouper on a shelf in a room with the text "Steakholder FOODS 0001" on the front.

Image Credit: Steakholder Foods

Read more on: Forbes


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