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Israeli Company Raises $5.2M for Cultivated Eel

Forsea Foods has raised $5.2 million in seed funding to accelerate research and development for its cultivated seafood including cultivated eel. The first company to use organoid technology to cultivated seafood products, a technology that bypasses the scaffolding stage and requires fewer bioreactors. Forsea plans to open its pilot plant next year.

Forsea is poised to make a dramatic impact on the seafood ecosystem. Its pillar platform solves a bottleneck in the cultivated meat industry by creating affordable, ethical, cultivated seafood products that can replace vulnerable fish species," - Shmuel Chafets, executive chairman and founder of Target Global, which led the funding round.

A close-up of chopsticks holding a piece of sushi with a slice of cultivated eel on top. The sushi is wrapped in seaweed and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Image Credit: Forsea Foods

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