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CellMEAT Announces Cultivated Caviar

South Korean startup CellMEAT has announced cultivated caviar from sturgeons, boasting a better texture and less fishy flavor than traditional caviar. Several sturgeon species that are a main source of wild caviar are also considered critically endangered, including the Beluga, Russian, Persian, Stellate, and Ship Sturgeon. Cultivating caviar has the potential to reduce the overfishing of these animals that are also facing threats from pollution and rising ocean temperatures.

CellMeat recently secured an investment of $13 million in a Series A funding round for its cultivated caviar and Dokdo shrimp. NH Venture Investment, Genting Ventures, Daewoo Healthcare, BNK Venture Investment, Yoo Kyung PSG Asset Management, and Strong Ventures participated in the funding round among others.

A picture of a cracker with a dollop of cream cheese and a pile of cultivated caviar on top.

Image Credit: CellMEAT

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