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CULT Partners with Korean and Singaporean Startups to Develop Cultivated Cat Food

CULT Food Science, a pioneer in the investment, development, and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, has recently announced partnerships with Singapore’s Umami Bioworks and Korea’s Everything But to develop cat food products using cultivated fish and chicken, respectively.

"My vision for the future is that we no longer have to slaughter other animals to feed our cats. This brand brings me one very great step closer to making that a reality." - Joshua Errett, Vice President of Product Development, CULT.

In partnership with Umami Bioworks, formerly Umami Meats, CULT has introduced Marina Cat™, a cultivated cat treat developed using cultivated ocean snapper. This first-of-its-kind cat treat has all the nutrition of caught or farmed fish, without the harmful environmental impacts of the practices. The product also provides benefits to a cat's cognitive function, brain, vision, and nervous systems. Production is expected to begin later this year, with the product to be widely available in 2024.

"We are pleased to be embarking on this partnership with Marina Cat to power a new category of cultivated pet food products that are healthier for cats and better for our oceans." - Mihir Pershad, CEO, Umami Bioworks.

CULT also announced an agreement with Everything But, a cell-based pet food company founded by veterinarians and scientists, to provide cultivated chicken for its sustainable pet food brands, including Noochies! While cultivated chicken has regulatory approval for human consumption in the United States, it will need approval from the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicine before being sold in pet food. You can join the preorder list for Noochies! here.

"Chicken is the most sought-after farmed animal meat in pet food, globally. By bringing cell-cultivated chicken-based pet products to the United States, we are able to fill existing market demand but at the same time create a whole new category of sustainable pet products." - Joshua Errett, Vice President Product Development, CULT.

CULT Food Science has a diverse portfolio of cultivated meat startups, including Fiction Foods, Eat Just Inc., Pearlita Foods, Mogale Meat, Cell Ag Tech, Unicorn Biotechnologies, California Cultured, and GOOD Meat, which has regulatory approval to sell cultivated chicken in the United States and Singapore. Lejjy Gafour, CULT CEO, serves as an advisor for

A bag of Noochies Breakfast Freeze-Dried Cultivated Dog Food (left) and a bag of Noochies Freeze-Dried Cultivated Cat Snacks (right).

Image Credit: CULT Food Science


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