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CULT Announces Joint Venture with Culinary Medicine Company

CULT Food Science Corp. has entered into a share exchange agreement of over $187K shares with Peqish Group, Food & Hospitality. The companies are also entering into a joint venture with the intent to form a new, equally-owned subsidiary company that will develop and commercialize cultivated meat products using Peqish’s insights, industry network, and knowledge in culinary medicine and clinical areas. The joint venture will also give CULT access to Peqish’s team of clinical and scientific experts to assist in conducting clinical trials and validating products for their adherence to culinary medicine principles. CULT will cover the joint venture’s start-up costs, including initial product design and branding expenses, new ideation and validation, program management, recruitment, and investment.

CULT is a pioneer in the investment and commercialization of cultivated meat producers to create a sustainable and ethical solution for the future of food. Its investment portfolio includes Fiction Foods, Eat Just Inc., Pearlita Foods, Mogale Meat, Cell Ag Tech, MeliBio, Umami Meats, Novel Farms Inc., Jellatech, and Unicorn Biotechnologies.

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