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Jellatech Announces Cell-Based Collagen

Just two years after the CULT-funded biotech startup was created, Jellatech is showcasing its cell-based collagen. Bio-identical, animal-free collagen can be difficult to replicate because the most abundant source of this protein is found in mammalian cells. Although plant-based replications have made great progress, they still face limitations in their applications. Jellatech bridges the gap by replicating the full-length, triple-helical, and functional collagen using proprietary cell lines.

Collagen has a variety of uses in the biomedical, health, personal care, beauty, and food and beverage industries and makes up an $8.4Bn market. Developing cell-based, bio-identical collagen will assist in a more sustainable industry.

“We’re thrilled to see that our cell-derived collagen appears bio-identical to collagen derived from animals. Because of this, we have a wide range of exciting applications from biomedicine to cosmetics to food and beverage.” - Rob Schutte, Head of Science at Jellatech.

A bottle of Jellatech's pure, white collagen powder, made with cell-based technology.

Image Credit: Jellatech

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