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Meatable Breaks World Record, Develops Cultivated Meat In 8 Days

Meatable, a Dutch cultivated meat startup, recently broke a world record by being the first to produce cultivated meat in 8 days. Using the opti-ox™ technology, this company made cultivated pork sausages in less than 5% of the time needed to rear a pig on a farm. Meatable plans on entering the mass market by 2025 and has already held its first-ever tasting upon receiving regulatory approval in Singapore.

“This marks a very important milestone for Meatable. We’ve now demonstrated that we have the world’s most efficient process, which is required if we are to create products that compete with the low prices of conventional meat.” - Krijn de Nood, Meatable CEO.

Meatable uses a pluripotent starter cell, which means it can be more easily be developed and differentiated into muscle and fat tissue. This company has developed a perfusion process with a continuous cycle that generates high cell densities, up to 80 million cells per milliliter, which will both increase productivity and help with scalability production.

“Last year it would take us three weeks to differentiate cells and now we’ve brought that down to only a few days. We expect to continue to reduce this time period further. Beyond this, we’ve created a product of the highest quality with the expressions of proteins and long fatty acid chains which are essential to give meat its unique pork sensory experience.” - Daan Luining, Meatable CTO.

Meatable is a member of Cellular Agriculture Netherlands and recently contributed to the world's first-ever cultivated meat textbook along with other food tech companies including UPSIDE Foods, Eat Just, and Aleph Farms.

Krijn de Nood, Meatable CEO and Daan Luining, Meatable CTO are holding chopsticks with dumplings filled with cultivated meat

Image Credit: Meatable

Read more on: Forbes


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