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60% of Meat Consumption will be Alternative Protein by 2040, Study Finds

GovGrant informs investors that cultivated meat is here to stay in its latest study highlighting the top leaders, investors, and future trends of the market. The UK-based company reports an estimated 60% of meat consumption will be alternative protein by 2040, with 35% of that being cultivated meat. With an industry packed full of innovative patents from top leaders like Aleph Farms, UPSIDE Foods, Higher Steaks, and Mosa Meat, cultivated meat can expect upward movement heading into the future.

The investments needed to optimize, produce, and capitalize on this growing market are flooding in from across the globe, with the United States contributing a total of £1,360.24 million pounds, equivalent to $1,635.96 million USD. American involvement indicates growing support of cellular agriculture, most recently resulting in the FDA greenlight of UPSIDE Foods' safety proposal, an Executive Order by the Biden Administration on advance cultivated meat and other biotechnology, and the development of the National Institute for Cellular Agriculture by the USDA.

"Since there’s such huge potential demand for lab-grown meat, that’ll only spur companies on to innovate further and perfect their products.” - Adam Simmonds, research associate at GovGrant.

The image shows a pie chart of alternative protein investment holdings across the globe as of 2023. The United States holds the largest share at 60%, followed by Israel at 21.72%. The Netherlands and Singapore each hold around 5% of the market, while China holds 1.17%.

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