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3DBT Produces World’s First 100% Cultivated Meat Steak

3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT) has announced that it has successfully produced what it believes is the world’s first 100% cultivated pork steak. The filet was produced using the company’s patented serum- and animal-free cell booster which doesn’t use plant-based scaffolds, blends, or fillers. Aleph Farms and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology developed the world’s first cultivated ribeye steak, and Stakeholder Foods 3D printed the world’s largest steak, but 3DBT’s latest achievement may be the world’s 100% meat cultivated steak.

3DBT Co-Founder and CSO Dr. Ricardo Gouveia, one of’s advisors, tasted the cultivated steak, saying “…the fillet seared easily and showed the typical charring and crisping on its surface, while the aromas were identical to those of traditional frying pork.”

Dr. Ricardo Gouveia took time to interview with to discuss his journey in the cultivated meat industry and what he sees for the future of the industry in this article.

3D Bio-Tissues, a subsidiary of BSF Enterprise, was a winner of The Good Food Institute Europe's recent Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge receiving €100,000 to support its work.

3D Bio-Tissues employees are tasting cultivated pork steak together.

Image Credit: 3DBT

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