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World's First Microalgae-Cultivated Meat Announced

Czech cultivated meat startup Mewery has announced the world’s first cultivated meat using microalgae. The prototype is made up of 75% cultivated pork cells and 25% microalgae. Using microalgae reduces the price of production while adding additional nutritional benefits. The company's future products include pork meatballs, sausages, ground, and tenderloin. Mewery raised almost a million dollars in a pre-seed round last year to support the acceleration of this prototype. Before the end of the decade, the company hopes to expand access to cultivated meat for everyone through industrial kitchen cultivators and in-home 3D printers.

 A yellow tray of pork meatballs with the text "MEWERY", "growing meat with love", "PORK MEATBALLS", "600 g", "Clean meat cultivated from living cells.", "No animals were killed.".

Image Credit: Mewery, Green Queen

Read/Watch more on: Green Queen


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