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World’s First Cultivated Meat Butchery Planned in Canada

The Better Butchers has announced plans to establish the world’s first cultivated meat butchery in Canada, where a recent report found interest in cultivated meat has increased dramatically. The company, which is currently developing prototypes for pork sausages, meatballs, and marinated steaks, is already in discussion with regulators for approvals of its products ahead of its 2024 launch. The Better Butchers also plans to pursue approvals in the United States as well, where GOOD Meat and UPSIDE Foods already have regulatory approval.

“In addition to having the potential to solve massive environmental, ethical, and health concerns, I think cultivated meat can also solve some of the consumer adoption issues facing plant-based meat, such as taste, texture, and long ingredient lists.” - Mitchell Scott, Founder of The Better Butchers.

Black and white logo for The Better Butchers, a cultivated meat company.

Image Credit: The Better Butchers

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