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Australia Finds Vow's Rare Cultivated Quail "Safe to Eat"

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has concluded that Vow's cultivated quail product is safe to eat.

"This is an exciting step, particularly because, as reinforced currently at COP28, innovative food technologies are going to become essential means of meeting the growing demand for meat without adding further to ecological and environmental degradation." - Dr. Simon Eassom, Food Frontier's Executive Director.

Vow is the first Australian cultivated meat company to apply for and receive regulatory approval to sell cultivated quail. This cultured meat product is created from Coturnix japonica, rare Japanese quail cells, and grown without antibiotics. FSANZ has shared its findings and a call for submissions to gather consumers' feedback. The institution proposes several labeling requirements for cell-based products to avoid confusion with conventional meat.

"Public confidence around the introduction of novel food categories is always a vital step in gaining acceptance. We don't expect cultivated meat to ever replace conventional meat, but with the growing global population and increasing demand for protein, there is room for both." - Eassom.

A white plate topped with a dish of cultivated quail.

Image Credit: Vow

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