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In 2016 Educated Choices Program began informing teens and adults about the impact of food choices, centering on the science-backed benefits of eating a plant-forward diet given the extensive toll animal product-based diets take on people’s health and the environment.

A year later, it came to our attention that cultivated meat was becoming a rising food technology gaining momentum worldwide, promising to be yet another solution that could end up replacing animals in industrial farms in the future, thus helping solve some of the most crucial problems facing the world today: climate change, pollution, deforestation, ocean depletion, and food and water scarcity among many others.

In 2018 we decided to include the subject of emergent food technologies, including cultivated meat, in our curriculum. The result was clear: teachers and students alike were captivated by the science and the promising benefits of this technology. We would regularly receive positive feedback and questions about it. Our audience was hungry for more! (no pun intended)

This led to the creation of “What Is Cultivated Meat?”, an interdisciplinary knowledge base that explores the science of cellular agriculture. This educational tool answers the most frequently asked questions by teachers, students, and the public. Education empowers and promotes critical thinking and creativity. It inspires people to work together to solve problems and improve their lives and communities. is designed to be the most comprehensive central channel for disseminating a clear understanding of the science surrounding cultivated meat and providing a continually updated source of news, technology advancements, new products, distribution timelines, regulatory and legal milestones, and educational/shareable graphics.

“What Is Cultivated Meat?” content is supported by an ample variety of highly reputable advisors, contributors, and institutions. We are committed to providing information that gives an honest, unbiased, reliable, and thorough picture of the science behind cultivated meat. Most importantly, its positive or negative effects on Earth and its inhabitants.

Our robust content addresses the most popular questions submitted into search engines by the general public. Hence our most popular section is the searchable database, “Frequently Asked Questions.” Visitors can enter their questions or browse topics by clicking a category.

Visitors to our website encounter complex scientific topics explained in understandable, familiar ways, while our News Page provides updated information about advancements in technology, new products, and breakthroughs. The Sharables page contains graphics freely available to the public. These graphics are an excellent aid to the media, educators, and other influencers when discussing cultivated meat.

Because of our user-friendly, academic, unbiased, science-based comprehensive website, we have been regularly invited to participate in food technology conferences and summits as start-up competition and media sponsors. “What Is Cultivated Meat?” has earned its rightful place in the food innovation sector and we are humbled and honored to be part of it. Our commitment to education and unbiased information is our foremost priority, and we entrust it is sharply reflected in the content of this resource.

Our organization, the public, and stakeholders recognize the enormous potential of this new technology and its inevitable, imminent, and prominent place in the processes and infrastructure of food production, helping to carve healthier, more sustainable, and more harmonious societies.

We invite everyone to visit our website, dive into this exciting new food technology, make use of its resources and become an informed society member who participates in the transformation of our food system for the benefit of all.

In support of a better food system,

Lorena Mucke (she/her)

CEO and Founder


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