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Israeli Company Cultivating First Ever Lamb Meat

Israel-based Future Meat has announced its first cultivated lamb meat. The meat looks, cooks, and tastes like conventional lamb meat without harming an animal. Next year the company hopes to have its products available to Israeli consumers after regulatory approval and expand to the U.S. market, breaking ground on a large-scale production facility. Future Meat recently set a record by raising $347 M, the largest single investment in a cultured meat company, in a funding round that included investments from Tyson Foods. The company also announced a partnership with Nestle last year to help lower production costs.

“The reason Future Meat’s cultivated lamb is indistinguishable from conventional lamb is because it is, first and foremost, real meat. It sizzles, sears and tastes just like people expect—it’s amazing.” - Future Meat General Manager Michael Lenahan.

A kebab composed of cultivated lamb, a side salad with pita bread, and the text "FUTURE MEAT".

Image Credit: Future Meat

Read more on: Israel21c


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