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Cellular Agriculture UK Names Top Universities for Cultivated Meat

Cellular Agriculture UK has identified the top 17 universities in the UK with the most potential to become research and teaching hubs for cultivated meat. This University Mapping Project sought in part to identify the key components needed to successfully establish a cellular agriculture anchor institution and develop a comprehensive overview of the UK’s existing academic landscape and its potential for growth. Universities were evaluated in several areas, including their academic and research strengths in relevant subjects, existing research in the field, and connections with cultivated meat companies. The universities with the highest potential in the UK were University College London, Imperial College, Cambridge, Nottingham, Oxford, Newcastle, Bath, Aston University, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Bristol, Queen’s University Belfast, Sheffield, Warwick, and Southampton.

It is notable that within the UK, there is currently no single university that clearly leads in cellular agriculture, but rather multiple high-potential universities with strengths in different areas.” - Cellular Agriculture UK.

This project was funded by VegFund and Robert Downey Jr.'s Footprint Coalition, with the help of New Harvest, as part of the Cellular Agriculture Challenge Grant. Advice and consultations were provided by representatives from other organizations, including GFI Europe, GFI, and CellAgri.

A graph showing the potential of UK universities in cellular agriculture. The graph includes the following categories: bioscience research strength, chemical engineering research strength, food science research strength, existing cell ag research, student academic interest, proximity to cell ag companies, and spinout ecosystem. The top universities on the graph are UCL, Imperial College, Cambridge, Nottingham, and Oxford.

Image Credit: Cellular Agriculture UK


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