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GOOD Meat's Cultivated Chicken Makes TIME's Top 2023 Inventions

Cultivated chicken produced by GOOD Meat, a California-based food tech startup, was featured in the annual roundup of “The Best Inventions of 2023,” which highlighted the most prominent innovations in the fields of medical care, technology, AI, and sustainability. Each modern invention made it to the list after a thorough review of originality, effectiveness, and impact.

"We’re grateful to be recognized for our work as the first company in the world to sell real meat without needing to kill an animal or tear down a rainforest." - GOOD Meat on social media.

GOOD Meat, owned by Eat Just, utilizes serum-free growth media in bioreactors to scale up cultivated meat production, reduce carbon emissions and manufacturing costs, and lower the risk of foodborne diseases. The food tech startup already set an ambition to launch ten of the world’s largest cultivated meat bioreactors, which are planned to start operating next year in the United States. GOOD Meat's cultivated chicken has received regulatory approval for sale in both Singapore and the United States.

A black plate topped with a grilled cultivated chicken breast and a salad.

Image Credit: GOOD Meat

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