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French Cultivated Meat Start-up Enters Singapore Market

Vital Meat, a French cultivated meat company, has submitted a novel food pre-market regulatory dossier to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA). It is seeking regulatory approval to enter the Singapore market and sell cultivated chicken, given the country's leading support for cultivated meat companies. If Vital Meat receives this approval, it will become the first European cultured meat company to sell its products in Singapore.

“Building a Regulatory dossier is not a small task! It involved our whole company. You have to prove that everything in your technology is safe, from the cell line to the media, to the process and the end product.” - Olivia de Talancé, COO of Vital Meat.

Vital Meat, founded five years ago in France, is developing protein alternatives to meat using biotechnology with the goal of offering cultivated chicken as an ingredient for high-quality hybrid products. According to the company, their production of cultured meat tastes the same as conventional chicken, is free from antibiotics, and is high in nutritional value, containing nine essential amino acids, vitamin B12, and iron.

“We can’t wait to introduce the people of Singapore to the authentic taste of our Vital Chicken, a result of our dedication to high-quality, sustainable, and ethical meat production.” - Etienne Duthoit, founder of Vital Meat.

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Image Credit: Vital Meat

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