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Cultivated Palm Oil Expected to Hit the European Market in 2023

Clean Food Group plans to commercialize their CLEAN cultivated palm oil, a healthier, more sustainable alternative to the environmentally harmful ingredient, after a first seed round of £1.65 million in 2021. Palm oil use is expanding within the food, cosmetics, and biofuels industries. This increasing usage leads the company to believe its yeast fermentation process can be scaled, affordably replacing the destructive alternative.

“We’ve worked over many years to create robust palm oil alternatives that give us a real chance to cut the impact of a range of products that until now have only been possible to produce with palm oil and the deforestation, pollution, and emissions that come with it.” - Prof. Chuck, Technical Advisor at Clean Food Group.

A close-up of an oil palm fruit. The fruit is oval-shaped and red-orange in color. It has a thick, fibrous husk and a single seed inside.

Image Credit: Clean Food Group

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