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Cultivated Pilot Plant Coming to New Jersey

Fork and Good has announced plans to open a cultivated meat pilot plant in New Jersey after raising $22 million in capital. The company currently operates a demonstration facility the size of a studio apartment where it can produce enough pork to supply the average meat demand for 15 families a year, four times the yield of a hog pen with the same area. This new facility will allow Fork and Good to increase its yield to produce six to ten times more pork per square foot than conventional agricultural practices.

Fork and Good is backed by investors including True Ventures, Leaps by Bayer, Collaborative Fund, Firstminute, Green Monday and Starlight.

New Jersey is also home to Rutgers which is developing cultivated meat in partnership with Atelier.

A plate of dumplings filled with cultivated meat, served with a bowl of dipping sauce.

Image Credit: Rachael Oatman

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