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Advisor Spotlight

Paul Mozdziak, PhD

Dr. Mozdziak’s research focuses on cellular and molecular mechanisms of skeletal muscle growth and muscle fiber adaptation in avian species. He collaborates with Dr. James Petitte on avian primordial germ cell biology. The overall goal of Dr. Mozdziak’s research program is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms governing skeletal muscle growth and muscle adaptation to changes in functional demands. His laboratory is especially interested in understanding the mechanisms governing myonuclear accretion, and in understanding the relationship between nutritional manipulations and myofiber growth. His laboratory has the expertise to employ immunocytochemistry, molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy, image analysis, tissue culture, and protein chemistry techniques to answer questions related to muscle growth.


Research interests include cellular agriculture, in vitro meat production, avian species conservation, and muscle performance. Collaboration potentials include muscle biology, satellite cells, avian species conservation, and international programs.

Paul Mozdziak, PhD
Professor, Poultry Science
North Carolina State Univeristy

Raleigh, North Carolina
United States


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