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Advisor Spotlight

Ian Johnson, BS

Ian is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Molecular Biology/Biochemistry degree. He has worked in the industry for many years including as a scientist for Finless Foods. After this he co-founded and served as the CSO for Cultured Decadence where he focused on using cellular agriculture to develop sustainable food for future generations. Cultured Decadence was acquired by Upside Foods in 2022, and Ian became the Discovery Director.

Ian has a passion for science, research, and dealing with difficult and novel problems. He has used his science expertise in cell biology, cellular processing, cellular characterization, and background in molecular biology and biochemistry to work on a variety of different challenges, including the gene mapping of an unknown sRNA, bioprocessing troubleshooting, creating primary cells and cells lines from a variety of species and tissues for different functions and uses.

Ian Johnson, BS
Director, Discovery
Upside Foods

Madison, WI
United States


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